Dance is your passion.
College is your goal.

We help you do both, at a place you love.

If you want to dance in college, we’ve helped dancers get acceptances into these top-tier college AND dance programs and the list continues…

You won’t find another company that provides
The college counseling expertise Or the dance expertise
to help you dance in college.

Dance into College is a one-of-a-kind college counseling program linking high school dancers to colleges that are the best fit for their dance and academic interests

Our team includes:

  • Certified college counselors
  • Professional dancers, dance instructors, evaluators and choreographers
  • Current and former college dance team members
  • College essay experts
  • Project management expert
  • Researchers and advisors on all things college dance

Brooke de Jong, Wake Forest University Dazzling Deacs Dance Team ‘26 and Evelyn Couch, Ohio State University, BFA Dance ‘25.

"Dancing gives you nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive."

- Merce Cunningham

Who We Help Dance In College:

Future Dance Majors
dance team prospects
dance company
dance as an interest
Undecided Dancer

College Advising for Dance Majors Requiring Separate Applications/Auditions

Ask any dance parent who has been through college applications and dance auditions before, and they will tell you this is one grueling process. One college application with a dance program can take 2-3 times the amount of time of the standard college application. Dance into College becomes your student’s advisor resource, planner and guide. Services include:

  • Comprehensive, individualized counseling for the “dancer” and “student” which can be started as early as 10th grade.
  • Discussions and planning for the many dance education options and future career paths as a performer, in a dance related field, or something that explores a more interdisciplinary approach to building a career.
  • Sharing expertise on college dance program and the many facets of the dance application and audition process.

College Advising for Collegiate Dance Team Prospects

We are in what has been termed the “wild, wild west” of college dance team recruitment. College dance teams have become very competitive, yet, dance is not considered an NCAA sport. Without regulation or rules, colleges are free to recruit and select dancers any way they want. Dance into College has the pulse on the growing dance team trend. We offer:


  • A one-of-a kind 3-year program for those dancers with the potential for dance team recruitment or highly competitive audition processes.
  • Dancer evaluations to assess college dance team preparedness and provide feedback and recommendations.
  • Advising for college dance team “matches” and steps for recruitment
  • Supplementary recruitment materials such as dance resumes (specific for dance teams) and recruitment video reels.
  • Additional options for dancer support and college counseling
  • Partnerships with dance team training coaches to maximize preparation

Download our 24-page competitive college dance team guide.

    Dance Company and Performance Opportunities

    Some students love to dance, but they know that it is not the career for them. Many are trained in styles that are not conducive to dance team or they have no interest in it. However, they want to keep dancing in college as an extracurricular activity and to stay fit. They can’t see themselves not dancing! Dance into College helps these students find:

    • The right college for their desired major or academic interest
    • Colleges with coursework in dance, a dance minor, a dance company or other performance opportunities on campus or in the nearby community.
    • Institutional merit/talent scholarships for performing artist interested in participating in the school’s dance community.

      Student’s with multiple interests - one just happens to be dance!

      Dancers can be complex individuals with varying interests. Dance into College helps dancers identify how dance can be one or more pieces of their college experience. We offer experience finding the right combination of academics and activities to allow students to thrive in college. We offer:

      • Advisement, college search and application assistants for students wanting to major or minor in dance while pursuing pre-professional programs such as Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, etc.
      • Guidance on double majoring in dance and another academic area of interest to create long-term career opportunities that may or may not end up in a dance performance career or being in the dance industry. We educate students on all of the college and career options.
      • Research for dancers that are looking for hard-to-find programs, a combination of programs or programs with unique characteristics or academic options. For instance, a dance major may want to graduate in three years or pursue a masters in 4 or 5 years.

        The Early or Undecided Dancer

        Dancers often need to start formulating their education goals very early compared to most students. Parents and students have a lot of questions early in the process, so we start working with families as early as middle school. For younger and undecided dancers, we provide:

        • Unbiased, professional dance evaluations
        • Recommended dance training and extracurricular activities to explore careers
        • Academic advising to open college and career pathways
        • Personality type assessments and skill inventories to help discover a student’s potential match to careers.
        • Discussions on careers of the future related to the student’s skills.
        • An opportunity to begin developing communication skills in an adult setting

          Meet Kathy de Jong, IEC, M.S.

          Kathy de Jong is the founder of Dance into College, a college counseling program operated by College in 3-2-1, LLC in Winston-Salem, NC. Dance into College helps students continue to dance in college and offers college counseling services locally and virtually throughout the United States.

          Since 2017, Kathy has helped hundreds of students through the college application process, but her prior career was in technology project management. As a certified Project Management Professional, Kathy researched options, organized teams, developed and communicated plans and executed projects. She brings these honed business skills to her college counseling practice.

          Kathy’s interest in college admissions began with identifying the lack of preparation and guidance for her own step-son attending a private school. With two younger daughters approaching high school age, she knew she had to learn all she could or they would be at a disadvantage in college admissions. It became her mission to share her education, research and tools with others.

          Both daughters grew up in a competitive dance environment, and Dance into College was born to serve time-challenged dancers (and dance moms) as they explored how to dance in college and their future careers. Dancers interested in a dance major or a college dance team have very unique college prep processes.

          Her college admissions counseling expertise stems from years of research and education. Kathy received her Independent Educational Consultant Certificate from the University of California Irvine in 2018, and has spent thousands of hours educating herself on all things college admissions and dance; approximately 25 percent of her work day is spent in research and education.

          Kathy de Jong - Dance Into College Owner

          What Our Clients Are Saying…

          “College in 3-2-1/Dance into College was an absolute Godsend for our family! Kathy is smart, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about all things dance and college-related.  She gave our daughter straightforward custom guidance, gently redirected her whenever necessary, and pushed her to adhere to the recommended to-do list timeline.  She was the perfect “middle man” between parent and child.  Having a third party at the helm of the ship was exactly what we needed to successfully manage the admissions process and ultimately help our daughter land at a college she is thrilled with. “

          Susan & Nicholas Tang, NYC

          “We had no idea how difficult it can be to manage both college applications and all of the application and audition materials needed for college dance programs. Kathy not only helped my daughter identify, evaluate and select colleges, but she made sure everything was done well and on time. Kathy’s essay advising and review process made the difference, and my daughter was accepted into several of her top choice college dance programs – some with scholarships!”

          Terri Couch, Kernersville, NC

          “I can’t say enough about Dance into College! My son started dancing in high school. He applied to a few colleges with dance programs, but without any guidance on his college list, applications, and audition materials, he had little success. He reached out to Kathy after graduation. She advised him on how to proceed during a gap year and guided him through a second round of applications and auditions to colleges. This time, he was accepted to programs such as Point Park, George Mason, and Southern Methodist with significant scholarships. He will attend the University of Southern California Gloria Kaufman School of Dance in the fall of 2022. His dreams would not have been realized without Kathy’s expertise and guidance.”

          Nikito Lovingood, Winston-Salem NC

          “I was so happy that I found Kathy de Jong and Dance into College.  She has given me a lot of valuable information and constructive advice on what my 8th-grade daughter needs to do to prepare for applying to college dance programs in the U.S. Especially when we are in Hong Kong, we have no idea what we need to do.  I have found the evaluation and advising meeting are crucial because Kathy and her team have pinpointed my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses that would definitely help her grow further.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank you, Kathy and your team!”. I look forward to working with her again.”

          Juliza Liu, Hong Kong


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