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Dance Into College gives dancers the choreography
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Picture this..

Your son/daughter wants to attend college for dance or be on a dance team, but only at colleges where it doesn’t snow and there are tap classes. They ponder the idea of a dance minor and being in a dance company if they decide not to major in dance. Their GPA is 3.2 and their test scores are well…not good. Your child wonders if that extra AP class is necessary or wise.

As a parent…

You want your child to get a high-value education, possibly double major in business or entrepreneurship (for long-term career options), and it’s got to be at a school your family can afford. But can your student get into their dream school let alone get accepted into the dance program? Your challenges include knowing little about college dance programs and curriculums, auditions, photos, timelines, and dance resumes.

Your child is a typical teenager and in their eyes, you know nothing – you are a parent. To top it all off, when your kid is not attending school, they’re in the studio 20+ hours a week and you work full-time, so how do you help your dancer fine-tune their goals and navigate this college process with your sanity intact and have confidence you are sending them to the right college?

You hire the team at Dance into College.

As a Dance Mom myself, I get it…

Kathy de Jong, Owner and Founder,
College in 3-2-1/Dance into College

My dance story starts as many dancer’s stories do – dancing as soon as I could walk. While my focus was turned to organized sports and cheerleading as a young child, my passion for dance could not be denied, and I made my high school dance team in 10th grade. But college dance was not to be because of a lack of formal training.


Becoming a Dance Mom

Later as a mother of two dancing daughters, we lived the competitive studio dance life. Those were some of the best times my daughters and I shared together. One daughter was very much an all-styles competitive dancer. The other daughter became more ballet/contemporary focused and transitioned to a ballet-based studio program during high school.


Where My Passion for College Admissions Began

Both participated on their high school dance team all four years. During these years, I made a career shift from a Director of Technology Services for a marketing research firm to Owner of College in 3-2-1, a college counseling practice, to be more present for my daughters and more capable of guiding them into adulthood and college. I recognized that most parents did not have the bandwidth to learn everything there is to know about college admission. So I learned it in order to share my expertise with others. I obtained a certificate in College Counseling from the University of California Irvine, and became a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. My college counseling training and education continues on a daily basis with extensive research, reading, attending conferences, visiting colleges, etc.


Filling the Unmet Needs of High School Dancers

As my college consulting practice College in 3-2-1 grew, I naturally developed a clientele of dancers – after all, dance parents and dancers were my people! Parents appreciate that “I get” what it takes to be a dancer in high school. The challenges of balancing home, school, dance classes, privates and often competitions and conventions are significant. Throwing college applications and auditions on top if it can be too much – increasing anxiety and stress.


Dance Into College Is Born

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, I formally introduced Dance into College, a suite of services and specialized guidance for dancers. What started as a program for students seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts dance major quickly included services for finding best-fit colleges for dancers that wanted to pursue a college dance team. Each year, we also serve dancers that have their own unique aspirations for college dance and careers, and we help each one approach the college preparation and application process with information, process and timing to take out the guesswork and put their best “pointed foot” forward! 


College Dance Goals

Both of my daughters are now in college and participating on a D1 competitive college dance team. The world of college dance teams is currently the “wild wild west” with no regulations, no rules, no standards – leaving dancers struggling to find a college where they will get the education/major they seek while identify dance teams and trying to figure out their recruitment and audition process – knowing the whole time that their dance team pursuits may not pan out if they are forced to make a decision before they have the opportunity to “try-out” all of their teams of interest.


What’s Next for Dance Into College

Dance into College is dedicated to continuing to build on our one-of-a-kind consulting practice and deliver research, information, expert guidance and dedication to the well-being and education of the dancer.

 Our team of experts support students on their unique path. We provide specialized services such as dance evaluations, dance resumes, and dance reels to support the college prep process. Most importantly, we make every effort to keep the process manageable with the student’s best interest in mind.

Dance Into College Founder, Kathy de Jong

Meet the Team

Tiffany Taskey, Dance Evaluator and Creative Services

Tiffany is from Erie, CO, and brings over 30 years of experience as a professional dancer, assistant artistic director, and dance teacher to our team. Tiffany supports our axillary creative services including dance resumes and dance reels. She conducts dancer evaluations for our BFA/BA prospects. Tiffany’s background includes studio operations, dance company director, choreographer, and dance competition adjudicator.

Kerrie-Anne Sparks, Ballet/Contemporary Dance Evaluator

Kerrie-Anne lives in Apex, NC and has over 20 years experience as a professional ballet dancer and instructor, dance studio artistic director and adjunct professor of dance. Kerrie-Anne Sparks danced professionally for Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Internationale, Atlantic Southeast Ballet and Columbia City Ballet. Kerrie-Anne has worked with many renowned teachers, choreographers and directors, and performed leading roles in a variety of ballets. Kerrie-Anne has taught for several studios throughout the Southeast and Midwest and has won several choreography awards at regional and national competitions.


Heather Partida<br />

Heather Partida, College in 3-2-1/Dance Into College Virtual Assistant

Heather is from Brentwood, CA and has lived the college admissions and BFA dance audition process through her daughter who is currently a junior BFA dance student at Southern Methodist University. Heather brings 25+ years of administrative experience to our team and is responsible for the new client intake process and developing tools for tracking student progress and communication.

Riley Scheier, Dance Team Support

Riley, a senior at the University of Miami, lives in Coral Gables, FL. She is the captain of the University of Miami Sunsations Dance Team, a D1 athletic program competing at UDA annually. Riley plans to pursue her Doctor of Dental Medicine after completing her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Riley competed with a competitive studio until graduating from high school, winning numerous group national championships and placing top 10 nationally for multiple solos and duets.  Riley assists Dance into College with tracking college dance teams nationally and providing updated guidance on dance team requirements and recommendations for dancers.

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