Want dance performance opportunities on campus without the dance major?

Explore college dance company options at colleges you’ll love.

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We’re not your typical college advisors.

We’re experts at helping dancers dance while at college,
and get accepted into a college they love.


how we help your student find a college dance company:

We’ll research the best college dance company/performance opportunities for your student

Did you know that many top-tier colleges have excellent college dance companies? While the majority don’t offer dance majors, they do appreciate the value of the the visual and performing arts on campus. Technically sound dancers with an excellent academic record may find these colleges attractive. Additionally, many of these colleges offer generous merit/talent scholarships to attract talented students to their campuses. 

Dance is for everyone!

College Dance companies and clubs can be found on most campuses. From Hip Hop crews to Bollywood clubs, we find college options that match a dancer’s interest in dance as an activity and their academic interests.

    Did you know that many colleges that don’t offer dance majors are looking for talented dancers to make up their incoming class and offer talent/artistic scholarships to entice them to attend their school?

    And here’s everything we do to support dancers through the college prep and application process.


    Our Comprehensive Junior/Senior Package is offered for 11th graders with an academic focus but a passion for dance. We examine the options for dancing while building the college list including dance minors and dance companies and clubs.

    what we work on sophomore & JUNIOR YEARs

    New Student Intake

    Each student is unique, and we want to learn all about them! By collecting high school transcripts and test scores we learn about the academic side of the student, but we also ask students and parents to complete a questionnaire to get all of the background information about the student, their activities and their challenges and successes to help inform our guidance.

    Major & Career Counseling

    We use assessments to identify personal strengths and weaknesses that can guide a student toward a career that suits them, and then we look at how to evaluate colleges based on course of study and majors. 

    Extracurricular Selection & Activity

    While students often start exploring activities early in high school, it’s important that the activities are focused and intentional in the junior and senior year. In particular, we advise students on the best summer activities to enhance their activities resume.

    SAT/ACT Strategy

    Nothing has become more unclear in college admissions than the use of test scores in admissions. The pandemic escalated the trend toward test-optional admission policies, but it’s not always clear when to submit test scores. We help students create testing strategy to cover a range of scenarios.


    Choosing recommenders is not easy, but there are best-practices. We guide student through the selection process and provide an approach that will give recommenders plenty of food for thought as they start the writing process.

    Custom College List

    We create a recommended list of up to 10 colleges/universities for your student to consider based on a balance of reach, match, and likely acceptance schools. This includes relevant statistics and data about each college and a customized write-up about the student’s academic and extracurricular areas of interest at each college.

    College Visit Coaching

    College is 4-years of your life! We help students approach each college visit as an “interview” of the college. Students will learn the do’s and don’ts of college visits, where to look to gain a deeper understanding of the student experience and the optimal times to visit.  In the end, a few colleges stay on the short-list. 

    what we work on senior YEAR

    Finalizing the College List

    Students have done their college research and with 11th-grade transcripts and standardized test scores becoming more clear, we help  students refine their final college list. The number of colleges on the list takes into consideration many factors.

    College Essays

    The college essay is where your student stands apart from another. We guide the student through writing a Common Application personal statement essay and/or college supplemental essay and help them with discussion and critique until it is ready to submit.

    Interview Prep

    Some colleges and scholarships have interview opportunities, yet high school students have little experience. Students shine in their interview with our interview prep and presentation guidance.

    Applications, Deadlines & Task Management

    The application process can be overwhelming. Each school has it’s own requirements and keeping track of each required and optional supplement material is not easy. Each comprehensive student has access to College Planner Pro, an online planning portal where counselor and student communicate and project manage the application process.

    The Cost of College and Financial Aid Resources

    Everyone wants to minimize the cost of college, but evaluating the value of what each college offers for the money is essential. We advise families on the basics of of financial aid and where to look for scholarships.

    Working the College Decisions Results & Final Selection

    Accepted, Deferred, Denied or Waitlist. Each decision that comes back has a set of next steps. Sometimes, students want to change course and apply to additional schools until finally, a student will evaluate the final acceptances, financial aid packages and make their final decision. We coach the family throughout the process.

    Dance into College Alumni Spotlight – Ina Z

    Ina was an accomplished dancer from the Lauguardia School of the Arts, in NYC – better known as the “Fame” school. However, Ina wasn’t interested in becoming a dance major. Her focus was on a science-related major with a pre-physical therapy curriculum. But Ina couldn’t give up dancing. She wanted to attend a college with a strong repertory dance company. 

    Dance into College help Ina formulate a list of colleges that fell within the northeast corridor and had a college dance company. The list contained a range of safety, possible and reach colleges that could meeting her academic interests. Her eyes were firmly set on Vassar College, but with a less than 20% acceptance rate and no test scores, it was a reach school.

    Ina applied to Vassar Early Decision, to demonstrate her strong interest – and commitment to the binding application. In the end, Vassar saw Ina’s excellence as a student and dancer and admitted her.

    Ina Z, Vassar College, Class of ‘27

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would we choose to work with Dance into College rather than our local college counselor if our dancer has extra-curricular interest in dance in college?

    1. We get dancers, so we know what they are looking for. 
    2. We know where to find those dance opportunities! 
    3. We know dancers have a busy schedule, and offer dancers “extended” business hours including some weekend times to meet with our team.

    Can a dancer with an interest in a college dance company or a dance minor start working with you before 11th grade?

    Sure, we offer a sophomore package that is available for all students. Please contact us for details.

    Are there opportunities to get scholarships for a dancer’s talents even if they don’t want to major in dance?

    There sure is! Many schools, primarily small-medium sized liberal arts colleges, focused on undergraduate education, want to make the arts a priority on campus. Some offer significant artistic scholarships for dancers. These opportunities are ideal for students that are strong academically and as a trained, technically-proficient dancer. We can guide Jr/Sr. Comprehensive Package students to these opportunities as part of our program.

    College Dance Company Comprehensive Package Availability

    Class of 24 – Full – See other a-la-carte options
    Class of 25 – A few spots available – now enrolling
    Class of 26 – Filling quickly – now enrolling
    Class of 27 – Accepting deposits

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