Calling all current and former college dance majors! Dance into College is conducting a study of students that enrolled in a 4-year college or university as a dance major to elicit their program impressions and experiences in college. Please help us by completing a questionnaire about dancing in college. The questionnaire takes just 10 minutes and will be available through June 30, 2021. Please feel free to share the link with anyone that qualifies and would be willing to participate! We’d love to get a lot of colleges represented, particularly programs that are somewhat less know and under the radar of high school students.

We all know how difficult it is to really understand what a dancer can expect in a dance program as they decide where to apply and eventually enroll. Dancers see the tip of the iceberg, but they don’t see what is not easily conveyed on a website, an email, or even a visit to the college. They don’t know how you as a participant felt about the experience. Your feedback can help a high school dancer see the college and the dance program through your eyes. We want to know about your application and audition experience as well as your impressions of the faculty, the dance community, facilities, and your ability to learn and grow as a dancer. We also want to learn about how well the college met your needs academically. Finally, we want to know the outcomes after leaving the college program.

Questionnaire respondents can be completely anonymous. Or, you can choose to share your contact information so a prospective dancer that is interested in talking with someone that went to the college that you attended can have a contact. The questionnaire respondent contact information will not be shared without permission and is for Dance into College by College in 3-2-1 clients only. We will produce a white paper with results that will be available on our website. Names will not be mentioned in the white paper without permission.

By sharing your experiences in college, you can help a dancer find the best environment for them to thrive! We are also looking to interview current and former dance majors for future blogs. If you would like to participate please contact us. The contact information can be found on our website